NEW VIDEO: 48 hours in the life of a DFC

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

TOPTICA’s Difference Frequency Comb DFC is compact, robust, high-end and convenient at the same time. This unique combination is demonstrated in our new DFC video: 48 hours in the life of a DFC



The DFC is a compact, robust, high-end solution featuring turn-key operation in a 19 inch format. All driving and locking electronics for RF references are integrated into the robust 19-inch housing of the Erbium fiber based frequency comb DFC CORE. It features 4 or optionally 8 intrinsically offset-free (fCEO=0) outputs at 1560 nm which can be equipped with wavelength extension modules converting the comb light to any wavelength between 420 nm and 2200 nm.

The convenient user interface offers time-saving remote control of the frequency comb laser system and all its accessories like counter, spectrum analyzer or wavelength meter from a single interface. It features an automatic lock to RF references, remote locking to optical references and remote locking of TOPTICA cw-lasers to the DFC. The patented CERO (“zero- fCEO”) technology uses difference frequency generation for a passive, all-optical phase-lock of fCEO. This simple and reliable technology offers intrinsic stability and an effective fCEO locking bandwidth as high as the repetition rate of the frequency comb. Advantages of the CERO technology are ultra-low fCEO phase noise and a narrow free running linewidth.

The DFC profits from TOPTICA’s 20 years of experience building high quality scientific and industry-grade lasers. It can be combined with any TOPTICA’s world famous cw-lasers and locking electronics to become a complete laser system ready to use from day one after installation. With its intrinsic stability and ease of use, the DFC is the number one choice for anyone looking for high-end performance combined with a high level of robustness.