New 300 mW Continuous-Wave UV Laser features excellent Lifetime and Plug & Play Operation

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TopWave 266

TOPTICA Photonics, TopWave 266

TOPTICA's TopWave product line of industrial continuous-wave UV laser reaches a new power level. The latest member, TopWave 266, is now available with 300 mW output power at 266 nm. It provides a first-class lifetime (> 10,000 h), outstanding low-noise performance (typ. < 0.1% RMS) and excellent power stability (< 1 %). Adding premium beam quality (M² < 1.3), high wall-plug efficiency (no chiller needed) and a compact footprint, this narrow linewidth (< 1 MHz) system is more than just a coherent laser.

The TopWave 266 meets the needs for high reliability of demanding applications like semicon inspection, optical lithography, FBG fabrication, laser mastering and Raman spectroscopy. Its complete UV beam path, including TOPTICA’s proprietary SUV doubling cavity, is enclosed in a specially sealed compartment which guarantees ultimate stability. In combination with a fully automated optics shifter it enables typical lifetimes well above 10,000 hours, thus notably extending maintenance intervals and lowering cost of ownership.

TopWave 266 is a turnkey system which is driven by a fully digital control electronic, enabling ease of use while maintaining the necessary flexibility for OEM integration. Standard users will enjoy the straightforward touch panel control or the clean PC GUI offered with the system. OEM integrators can make use of the provided command set and take full remote control of the TopWave 266 via their own control software.

TOPTICA's TopWave 266 provides several thousand hours of stable laser output per optic spot. In combination with an automatic optics shifter, lifetimes of more than 10,000 hours are achieved.