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09. August 2022

Quantum Application Ambassador (m/f/d)

As a Quantum Ambassador you will work as a highest-level scientist for very dedicated scientific, industrial and government communities, assuming an important role supporting our team in North America. You will be required to provide our customers with consulting, technical and application support, and interact directly with them as needed in an advisory or hands on role.  Specific knowledge with laser locking techniques will be critical. In addition to being a scientific connection to the field, you will be expected to network and provide market information to the team to develop or enhance our products. 

This position will also become a figurehead for our team within the US with the connection to the multiple quantum activities and centers. This position is located at our headquarters in New York. The role will require regular travel within the U.S. and Europe, including extensive time in our Munich, Germany facility for in-depth hands on training.

Communication skills and teamwork are required in this highly challenging environment.

Initial responsibilities shall be:

  • Close collaboration with sales associates, product managers and R&D to develop system configurations and solutions using TOPTICA lasers for customer applications in quantum technology.
  • Interface with and seek out laboratories and agencies requiring an expertise in the use of TOPTICA products and applications related to quantum technologies.  Specifically bring a focus to laser references and locking technologies which exist within TOPTICA.
  • Identify, participate and drive the interaction strategy related to all North American quantum centers and quantum market related activities.
  • Cultivate collaborative activities related to quantum outside of TOPTICA to include, but not limited to, research projects, white paper collaborations, etc. Utilize TOPTICA technology to solve the needs of the quantum community
  • Meet TOPTICA’s level of support, service and dedication objectives dealing with all issues from a customer satisfaction perspective.
  • Report market needs, based on customer communication, to allow product development and enhancement
  • Increase responsibilities as well as depth and breadth of tasks commensurate with competency level and technical expertise acquired through professional experience on the job.
  • Become a technology expert related to TOPTICA products for quantum, including gaining the ability to train, troubleshoot, maintain and support services for TOPTICA products in North America, both with customers and co-workers.
  • Provide support during product demonstrations, tradeshow events, and workshops.
  • Visit potential customers and participate in trade shows and conferences in North America. Convince customers about the quality of the TOPTICA products through demonstrations and presentations. Provide detailed and profound technical and product advice to the sales team to help them understand the customer requirements, to suggest proper setups and to help with modifications required to assist customer applications. Directly contact the customer when necessary.
  • Establish a good and fruitful relationship with all employees of TPI as well as all the employees of TOPTICA.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and expected start date to jobs [at]

TOPTICA Photonics Inc
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Pittsford, NY 14534
Tel. +1 585.657.6663
Fax: +1 877.277.9897

About the Company

TOPTICA is a privately held, technology driven visionary company, which develops and sells diode and ultrafast fiber lasers for scientific and industrial applications. The company sets its own annual challenge to continually present exciting product innovations and world firsts.

Since 1995, our lasers and laser-related measurement equipment have been dedicated to serving the forefront of atomic physics, metrology, microscopy, printing, optical disc manufacturing and many other applications.

Whenever lasers need to be matched with the latest scientific challenge, linewidth is measured in MHz and well below, or high speed locking circuitry is requested, TOPTICA lasers are the key to success. Whenever wavelengths are to be determined with an absolute precision of better than 10-7, beam wavefronts are given in mλ, or random pulse sequences and lengths are required in ns or even fs scale, TOPTICA lasers are involved.

Why should you be interested? Strong contacts to the scientific community and our profound understanding of their needs motivate us to push the development always one step further and that results in world-renowned diode and fiber lasers with cutting edge technology. We are looking for scientific experts who understand our technology and its potential for customers by matching the technology with their application requirements. Help us to continue to do so in the TOPTICA style of partnership with the customer on an individual level in the sales process as well.

We are looking for people who share the same passion for precision that keeps us excited and has resulted in over 20 years of commercial success in the scientific and industrial environment.

TOPTICA is a global, equal opportunity employer that supports diversity in the workplace. We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive total benefits package.