FemtoFiber smart: Compact Fiber Lasers

Family of FemtoFiber smart lasers
  • SAM mode-locked all PM fiber setup
  • User friendly turnkey operation
  • Robust and reliable, compact design
  • Optics and electronics in just one box
  • 12V DC power supply with lowest power consumption

The FemtoFiber smart family is TOPTICA’s new series of ultrafast fiber lasers available as picosecond or femtosecond versions, based either on Ytterbium-doped or Erbium-doped fiber laser architecture. These systems are dedicated to applications ranging from seed laser purposes, biophotonics to terahertz generation and two-photon polymerization. Optimized for a compact footprint uniting optics and electronics in one box, these robust all-fiber lasers are the perfect choice for flexible OEM integration.

FemtoFiber smart series
ProductWavelengthPulse DurationPowerRepetition Rate
PicoFYb 10301030 nm< 10 ps> 10 mW20 MHz
PicoFYb 10641064 nm< 10 ps> 10 mW20 MHz
FemtoFYb 1030-8001030 nm< 800 fs> 0.5 mW20 MHz
FemtoFYb 1030-4001030 nm< 400 fs (ext. compressed)> 0.5 mW30 MHz
FemtoFErb 15601560 nm< 80 fs> 120 mW100 MHz
FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.51560 nm< 60 fs> 80 mW100 MHz
FemtoFErb 780780 nm< 100 fs> 50 mW100 MHz
FemtoFErb SC1250 ± 100 nm-10 mW (typ.)80 MHz