Toptica_FemtoFiber pro

FemtoFiber pro SCYb - 1030 nm

    • Er/Yb-based fiber laser source 1030 nm  
    • Shortest pulses < 100 fs, more than 500 mW
    • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
    • Compact footprint, < Letter/A4 format
    • Robust and reliable design, push button operation

      The FemtoFiber pro SCYb is an all-fiber high-power laser system at 1030 nm emission wavelength, providing more than 500 mW on average and pulses shorter than 100 fs. It is based on a very stable SAM mode-locked Er-doped oscillator running at 1560 nm which gets frequency shifted into the 1030 nm range by use of a nonlinear fiber. The output power is then amplified by Yb-doped amplifiers to levels of up to typically 700 mW. The unit also includes a small grating compressor unit to achieve transform-limited output pulses of typ. 90-100 fs, with more than 70 % power in the main peak.



      Key specifications*
      Center Wavelength 1030 nm
      Laser output power > 500 mW (typ. 700 mW)
      Repetition rate 80 MHz only
      Beam shape TEMoo, M² < 1.2
      Beam size (1/e²) typ. Ø 2 mm
      Beam divergence < 2 mrad
      Linear polarization > 95 % (horizontal)
      Output coupling Free space

      *No options available for this model



      Linear emission spectrum, centered at 1030 nm.

      Autocorrelation pulse width < 100 fs at 1030 nm.




      Control Unit

      Control unit and software control features

        • Built-in power PC for system control
        • Easy communication through web browser
        • Access to motorized controls, such as variable pulse compression
        • LabVIEWTM routines available for system integration
        • Manual interface: Push ON/OFF button only
        • Key lock switch
        • Interlock capabilities
        • 12 inch rack housing including interfaces, driver electronics for pump diodes and power supplies


          Graphic user interface based on LabVIEWTM.

          Options & Related Products

          Options & Related Products


          No options available for this model. The FemtoFiber pro SCYb provides only one seed port for extensions, therefore max. two-arm configuration is possible. The FemtoFiber pro SCYb can only act as master system in such two-arm configuration.

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          Technical Information

          Technical Information

          Dimensions laser head 120 x 280 x 229mm3
          Weight laser head < 10 kg
          Dimensions control unit 140 x 235 x 315 mm³ (H x W x D)
          Weight control unit < 4.5 kg
          Power supply 90 to 280 VAC, 47-63 Hz,  IEC 60320-C14 socket
          Power consumption < 40 W
          PC Interface Ethernet, USB, RS-232
          Environment temperature 20 - 30 °C (operating)
          0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
          Environment humidity Non-condensing


           Download: Technical Drawings





          Datasheet: FemtoFiber pro SCYb
          Datasheet: FemtoFiber pro SCYb
          Software: Graphics User Interface