Toptica_FemtoFiber pro

FemtoFiber pro NIR – two-in-one laser

  • Ultrafast fiber laser @ 1560 and 780 nm  
  • Fundamental or SHG output: manually switchable
  • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Robust and reliable design, push button operation
  • Compact footprint < Letter/A4 format

The FemtoFiber pro NIR comprises both fundamental wavelength 1560 nm and the second-harmonic 780 nm from a single box, with highest power and shortest pulses for fiber lasers in the market. The user can switch between both wavelengths without any re-alignment. Furthermore, a built-in motorized prism compressor allows optimizing the pulse characteristics to individual needs either at 1560 or 780 nm. The system is ideally suited for THz researchers, for Biophotonics applications (e.g. SHG imaging) and for two-photon polymerization.



Key specifications
Fundamental wavelength 780 nm 1560 nm
Laser output power > 140 mW > 350 mW
Pulse width < 100 fs < 100 fs
Repetition rate 80 MHz standard*
Beam shape TEM00, M² < 1.2
Beam divergence < 1 mrad < 2 mrad
Linear polarization > 95 % (horizontal)
Output coupling Free space

*) See options for other repetition rates

Autocorrelation pulse width
< 100 fs at 780 nm.

Retrieved pulse shape > 90 %
of power in main peak.
Linear emission spectrum
at 780 nm.

Control Unit

Control unit and software control features

  • Built-in power PC for system control
  • Easy communication through web browser
  • Access to motorized controls, such as variable pulse compression
  • LabVIEWTM routines available for system integration
  • Manual interface: push ON/OFF button only
  • Key lock switch
  • Interlock capabilities
  • 12 inch rack housing including interfaces, driver electronics for pump diodes and power supplies


Graphic user interface based on LabVIEWTM.

Options & Related Products

Options & Related Products


  • Repetition rate 40 MHz or customized
  • Additional two oscillator outputs for seeding purposes (on total max 3 FC/APC outputs)
  • System without oscillator for multiple-beam extension systems (FC/APC input)
    Contact TOPTICA for customized systems.


Modular multiple beam system

  • One oscillator + up to 3 extension systems for multiple beam experiments (standard: 1 extension port)
  • Extension system = no oscillator included
  • Main / extension system = IR, NIR, SCIR ...
  • Each laser box with own control unit



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Technical Information

Technical Information

Dimensions laser head 151 x 280 x 229 mm³ (H x W x D)
Weight laser head < 10 kg
Dimensions control unit 140 x 235 x 315 mm³ (H x W x D)
Weight control unit < 4.5 kg
Power supply 90 to 280 VAC, 47-63 Hz,  IEC 60320-C14 socket
Power consumption < 40 W
PC Interface Ethernet, USB, RS-232
Environment temperature 20 - 30 °C (operating)
0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
Environment humidity Non-condensing


Download: Technical Drawings





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Brochure: Ultrafast Fiber Lasers (PDF, 8.5 MB)
Brochure: Ultrafast Fiber Lasers (PDF, 8.5 MB)
Press release: New: FemtoFiber pro – Next generation of FemtoFiber Lasers (15.01.10)
Press release: New: FemtoFiber pro – Next generation of FemtoFiber Lasers (15.01.10)
Software: Graphics User Interface