FemtoFiber pro: Ultrafast Fiber Laser

Toptica_FemtoFiber pro
  • SAM mode-locked all PM fiber setup
  • User friendly turnkey operation
  • Robust and reliable, compact design
  • Unique wavelength coverage
  • Multi-color synchronized outputs

The new FemtoFiber pro is the successor of our proven FemtoFiber Scientific (FFS).The new development includes a different mode-locking mechanism based on saturable absorber mirrors (SAM) and the use of only polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. Both novelties increase the robustness and reliability of the fiber laser even further. The FemtoFiber pro is available with fundamental output at 1560 nm (FemtoFiber pro IR) and also with second harmonic output at 780 nm (FemtoFiber pro NIR). The latter system versions are integrated in the same housing as the laser with a footprint of only A4. Another system version in the same housing is the generation of a supercontinuum which spans more than an octave in the frequency domain (FemtoFiber pro SCIR). The combination of high pulse energies with very short pulse widths gives the highest peak powers on the market (regarding Erbium doped fiber lasers). The FemtoFiber pro IRS adds a powerful short-pulse model at the fundamental wavelength (1560 nm) and the brand-new FemtoFiber pro SCYb provides more than 500 mW at 1030 nm with < 100 fs pulse duration.

FemtoFiber pro
SystemsWavelengthPulse DurationPowerRepetition Rate
FemtoFiber pro IR1560 nm (center)< 100 fs> 350 mW40* or 80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro IRS1570 nm (center)< 40 fs> 200 mW80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro NIR780 nm / 1560 nm*** (center)< 100 fs / 100 fs> 140 mW (780) / > 350 mW (1560)40* or 80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro SCIR980 .. 2200 nm (bandwidth)-> 150 mW40* or 80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro UCP980 .. 1400 nm (bandwidth)< 25 fs**> 30 mW**40* or 80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro TVIS488 - 640 nm (tuning range)< 1 ps1 - 10 mW**40* or 80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro TNIR830 - 1100 nm (tuning range)< 250 fs1 - 5 mW**40* or 80 MHz
FemtoFiber pro SCYb1030 nm (center)< 100 fs> 500 mW80 MHz****

*Standard repetition rate is 80 MHz - for 40 MHz versions please add option M40. Specifications may change slightly. Please ask TOPTICA for details. Customized repetition rates are available upon request.

**Dependent on selected center wavelength. See indivdual product pages for details.

***Mechanical switchable outputs

****No options available for this model

VARVariable laser repetition rate (only available for 80 MHz systems)
LRCLaser repetition rate control
M40Oscillator design with 40 MHz repetition rate (not available for IRS model)
AMPMulti beam configuration
1PSPicosecond pulse width (NIR, TNIR models only)
TNIRCombination of TNIR with UCP or TVIS models in one single box