The ultimate tunable diode laser: TOPTICAs DL pro – with DLC pro

DL pro – now also with all digital control

  • Tunable diode laser in patented pro design
  • New: also with all digital control DLC pro
  • Ultra stable against temperatures & acoustics
  • With DLC pro even less drift & linewidth
  • Download brochure Tunable Diode Lasers

Our DL pro is the ultimate tunable diode laser. Its revolutionary mechanical design allows for both easy operation and extreme stability at the same time. It offers highest output powers, and optimized mode-hop free tuning with a perfectly positioned virtual pivot point for the grating movement (Patents: DE 10 2007 028 499 and US 7970024).
Together with DLC pro it shows unrivalled linewidth and drift – with the most comfortable and intuitive user interface.



DL pro
Center wavelength370 .. 517 nm*
632..1770 nm*
Typical power range3 .. 300 mW
Typical coarse tuning range2 .. 100 nm
Typical mode-hop free tuning range≥ 20 GHz
Typical linewidth (5 µs integration time)100 kHz .. 1 MHz
Typical output beam characteristics3 mm x 1 mm
Typical output beam polarizationLinear > 100:1
Fiber coupling efficiency**: min. (typ.)55 (65) %
Fiber coupling efficiency with APP**: min. (typ.)65 (75) %
Typical long term frequency change with room temperature <<100 MHz / K

* Spectral coverage with gaps
**With TOPTICA's FiberDock, efficiencies are possibly lower with strong ellipticity or short wavelengths
Specifications are subject to change without further notice.

Options & Related Products

Options & Related Products


Option Description
Motorization MOT/DL pro The motorization of the coarse tuning offers remote control and operation via software interface. Mode-hopping or loss of single-mode operation might occur during coarse wavelength tuning.
Restritctions for some diodes – please enquire.
Narrow linewidth
Optimization of DL pro laser system for narrow linewidth.
Not available for all diodes – please inquire.
Optical Isolation
Single and double stage isolation available

Fiber coupling (optical isolation required)
Beam shaping:
Beam shaping optics to render a round beam for better fiber-coupling efficiency or higher isolator transmission.
APP J: adjustable compression with a factor between 2 and 5
APP C: fixed factory-set compression
Bias-T For current modulation frequencies of up to several GHz
Electronics Modules Stabilitzation and frequency locking electronics.


Related Products:

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  • CTL: Continuously tunable diode laser
  • DL 100: Economic Littrow type ECDL in modified Hänsch design
  • DL DFB: Diode laser with wide mode hop free tuning and slightly broader linewidth
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  • Frequency converted diode lasers for all other wavelengths
  • AR, FP, and DFB Laser Diodes
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Technical Information

Technical Information

Dimensions laser head (H x W x D) 90 x 90 x 240 / 300 mm³
Weight laser head 2.8 - 4.4 kg
Dimensions control unit (H x W x D) 154 x 450 x 348 mm³150 x 465 x 385 mm³
Weight control unit 8.0 kg11 kg
Power supply 100 .. 240 V~, 50/60 Hz (wide range input)
Power consumption Typ. < 35 W, max. 250 WTyp. < 100 W, max. 300 W
PC Interface Ethernet, USB, analog controlAnalog control
Environmental temperature  15 - 30 °C (operating)
0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
Environmental humidity Non condensing


Technical Drawings

toptica_TD_DL_pro_01.pdf (standard laser head)

toptica_TD_DL_pro_with_APPC.pdf (with beam shaping)

toptica_TD_DL_pro_XXL_with_APPC.pdf (long laser head)

toptica_TD_DLC_pro.pdf (control unit DLC pro)




Brochure: Specifications & Configurations Tunable Diode Lasers


Brochure: Scientific Lasers (8.3 MB)


Press release:

"New: Ultra Stable Tunable Diode Laser now at all Diode Wavelengths between 372 nm and 1670 nm"



Free software download of the latest MOT / DL pro software for DL pro equipped with the motorization option.

The software consists of sample VIs for computerized motor control.

Some VIs have been compiled to run without a LabView installation.

The software is provided “as is” as an example for integrating the motor in an experiment or setup.