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FemtoFiber dichro

Versatile two-color femtosecond laser systems for biophotonics

The lasers of TOPTICA's FemtoFiber dichro series simultaneously provide two perfectly synchronized laser beams at different wavelengths out of one box, even from the same aperture. This laser platform has been designed with special focus on applications which frequently need more than one color, e.g. biophotonics applications such as two-photon fluorescence or SHG microscopy and many others. The new concept provides a compact and easy-to-use laser system which requires no more than the push of a button for reliable laser operation.

  • SAM mode-locked all PM fiber setup
  • User friendly turnkey operation
  • Robust and reliable, compact design
  • Two-color synchronized collinear output
  • Semi-automatic time-delay adjustment
Wavelength Pulse Width Laser Output Power Repetition Rate

FemtoFiber dichro midIR

5 - 15 µm, 20 - 60 THz, 670 – 2000 cm^-1 (tuning range)


> 0.5 mW

80 MHz