Difference Frequency Comb CORE unit

  • Based on mode-locked Erbium fiber laser
  • Offset-free by difference frequency generation
  • Patented CERO (“zero-vCEO”) technology
  • CORE unit with 4 or 8 outputs at 1560 nm
  • Optional extensions for frequency conversion

    The CORE unit of TOPTICA’s Difference Frequency Comb (DFC) consists of a low noise mode-locked oscillator, a fiber-optic amplifier, a nonlinear fiber for supercontinuum generation, a CERO unit for difference frequency generation (DFG) and a fiber-optic pre-amplifier. The DFC-CORE provides 4 or 8 νCEO-stabilized outputs at 1560 nm. Each output can seed a user-defined extension (EXT-) as specified on the Extensions section. It comes with integrated radio frequency reference and dedicated frep locking electronics. A beat monitoring unit comprising a laptop and a digital scope with spectrum analyzer mode allows for convenient monitoring and analysis of locking beats.



    Comb engines Description Wavelength Bandwidth (FWHM) frep Power
    DFC-CORE · Oscillator incl. piezo frep
    · Fiber-optic amplifier and supercontinuum
    · DFG unit with CERO technology
    · Fiber optic pre-amplifier 1560 nm
    · 4 or 8 outputs at 1560 nm
    · Beat monitoring unit
    · Lock electronics for frep
    · RF Reference (oven-controlled quartz, GPS disciplined)
    1560 nm >20 nm 80 MHz > 10 mW per output
    · frep stabilization option to optical reference (does not include optical reference)
    1560 nm >20 nm 80 MHz > 10 mW per output

    DFC general specifications

    Center wavelength 1560 nm
    Comb spacing 80 MHz
    Spectral range 420 - 2200 nm
    Laser outputs Various PM-fiber-coupled, linearly polarized output
    ports @ different wavelengths available
    Dimensions (H x W x D) 133 x 450 x 633 mm, including electronics
    Weight < 30 kg, including electronics
    Stability < 1x10-13 in 1 s, or same as reference, whichever applies first



    Scheme of a CEO-free Difference Frequency Comb (DFC) with user defined output wavelengths and radio frequency reference.



    • Laser reference
    • High resolution spectroscopy
    • Optical clocks
    • Low-noise photonic microwave generation
    • Dimensional metrology
    • Fourier transform metrology
    • Dual comb spectroscopy
    • Direct frequency comb spectroscopy
    • Astronomy
    • Attosecond science