Research Grade Diode Lasers

TOPTICA Photonics' Research Grade Diode Lasers cater to the vast majority of spectroscopic applications in physics, chemistry and life sciences. Tunable single mode and single frequency lasers now cover wavelengths from 200 to 3000 nm. Spectral gaps and the deep UV regime down to 200 nm are closed by our frequency converted lasers (NLO series).

Multi Color Systems

TOPTICA's multi color systems for demanding applications in biophotonics requiring multiple laser lines. For this purpose, TOPTICA offers two different approaches: multi laser engines with up to four diode lasers efficiently combined in one box or an ultrachrome laser which is continuously tunable from 488 nm to 640 nm.

Frequency Combs

TOPTICA’s DFC provides a uniquely phase-stable output by using CERO-technology (“zero-vCEO”) which requires no active stabilization of the phase. Its fundamental emission wavelength of 1560 nm can be converted to any required wavelength in the range of 420 to 2200 nm, making it the perfect optical frequency reference for other lasers emitting within this range.

Laser Diodes

TOPTICA offers the largest variety of wavelength-selected single-mode laser diodes from stock. Product offering includes Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes, AR coated Laser Diodes, DFB and DBR Laser Diodes and a large variety of Tapered Amplifiers.


Photonicals – Photonic Tools and Accessories – are just as important as the laser itself. TOPTICA offers a variety of sophisticated tools for fiber delivery, beam control and measurement. And of course our free ToptiCalc program for calculation of optical parameters is one of the most popular tools in the physical community.

Industrial / OEM Diode Lasers

TOPTICA OEM Diode Lasers

Our industrial diode lasers combine first class diode technology and rock-solid opto-mechanical engineering, completed by convenient computer-control and intelligent protection measures - with record diode laser power at e.g. 405, 488 or 640 nm. They comprise single-mode and single-frequency lasers as well as multi laser engines.

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

TOPTICA Ultrafast Fiber Lasers FemtoFiber pro and FemtoFiber smart.

TOPTICAs Ultrafast Lasers are based on state-of-the-art fiber telecom components.The FemtoFiber pro series is the perfect choice for advanced hands-off operation and also offers full flexibility for customized setups. The FemtoFiber smart series is a compact and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.


TOPTICA serves scientists and engineers  working with the two most important optoelectronic approaches – pulsed and continuous-wave (cw) terahertz generation  – with packages and systems based on DFB diode and Femtosecond fiber lasers.

Wavelength Meters

Our Wavelength Meters are based on a rugged Fizeau interferometer setup and accomplish wavelength measurements with highest accuracy. Both cw and pulsed lasers with narrow-band emission can be examined. Various models of the WS series are available, covering UV to IR wavelength ranges (192 - 2250 nm).