Dr. Igor Pastirk

Nov 05, 2012
Company news

TOPTICA hires Ultrafast Sales Manager for North America

TOPTICA Photonics announces the recent addition of Dr. Igor Pastirk to the team!

Dr. Pastirk earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Michigan State University under Professor Marcos Dantus. He stayed on as a Post-doctoral Research Associate and implemented the MIIPS approach to pulse manipulation and spectral phase management of femtosecond pulses for two more years. Following his academic experiences, Dr. Pastirk became the first employee of BioPhotonic Solutions, Inc. In his role, he facilitated the development and production of MIIPS-based ultrafast pulse technologies while at the same time managing the product branding and marketing.

“We are happy to welcome Dr. Pastirk , continuing our commitment to remain close to cutting edge technologies. Dr. Pastirk brings a wealth of high level expertise to our ultrafast team”, commented Mark A. Tolbert, President & CEO, TOPTICA Photonics, Inc.

In his current role, Igor will continue to develop the rapid growth of TOPTICA’s ultrafast line. His expertise and extensive career with ultrafast applications will provide a tremendous asset to our