Aug 20, 2012
Company news

TOPTICA hires Senior Product Manager for North America

TOPTICA Photonics announces the recent addition of Dr. Jerry Kuper to the North American Team!

Jerry W. Kuper received his BA degree with honors in Chemistry from Williams College and finished his PhD degree in Chemistry at the University of Rochester. Jerry’s thesis topic was on the “Fluorescence studies of Methyl Salicylate in a Pulsed Supersonic Molecular Beam,” under the supervision of Dr. Mark Sceats and Dr. David Perry. Dr. Kuper has worked in the industry throughout his professional career: Starting at TRW, Inc Allied-Signal, Inc Laser Energetics, Inc. and EXFO Burleigh Instruments, Inc.

Dr. Kuper has performed Research & Development and produced commercial products that have employed various nonlinear techniques such as stimulated Brillouin scattering, stimulated Raman scattering and nonlinear frequency conversion from the infrared to the deep UV. Dr. Kuper also developed alexandrite laser systems for military, commercial and medical applications and is very knowledgeable on Nd-based solid-state laser systems and their harmonic conversion to various visible and ultraviolet wavelengths. Being a co-inventor on 17 US patents and having five provisional patent applications, Dr. Kuper is also the co-author of over forty conference papers and journal publications.

Dr. Kuper has been a member of the Optical Society of America since 1976 and was a member of the Society for Information Display from 1994 to 2001. Since 2003, he has focused his expertise on laser and optical system design. During this period, he co-founded Snake Creek Lasers.

"Dr. Kuper will be an exciting new step for TOPTICA in North America. In addition to our terrific local support for products and applications, bringing scientists together with scientists and application experts together with application experts, we will now bring a local emphasis on product development in the United States", states Mark A. Tolbert, President & CEO of TOPTICA Photonics, Inc.

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