Jun 03, 2011
Company news

TOPTICA hires North American Director of OEM Business

Mike Vrooman joins TOPTICA Photonics Inc. with over 23 years of laser and laser
instrumentation experience. He started his career with Coherent, Inc., supporting laser
instrumentation, high-end ultrafast oscillators and amplifiers, commercial diode modules, and
DPSS lasers. Eventually leaving Coherent in 2008 as a Sr. Applications Engineer, Mike chose
to move into a business development and OEM account management role with CrystaLaser
LLC, where he successfully promoted that company's record growth.

Mike's background and scientific passion started with electrical engineering and meteorology,
but growing up near one of the world's largest laser manufacturers, it was inevitable that he
would end up in the photonics industry. Fascinated with emerging technology and how to
transform it into beneficial products for society, Mike brings a fresh and knowledgeable view of
customers' requirements. It is this perspective and Mike's personal determination to grow
business that make him an excellent fit for the position of Director of OEM Business. “The
combination of Mike’s application and customer experience are a terrific asset for our West
Coast operation. Having Mike in our team closer to our customers will bring unparalled agility
and response time to our growing customer base”, stated the CEO of TOPTICA, Mark A.
In his current role, Mike will continue to support existing OEM accounts and will expand
business in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. He will operate from the West Coast to ensure a
closer proximity to much of our customer base.