The iBeam smart PT – pigtailed OEM diode laser

Jan 18, 2011
Product news

New: TOPTICA presents ultra-stable pigtailed OEM diode laser

Highest powers and unmatched long-term stability

The iBeam smart PT is a compact, permanently fiber coupled (“pigtailed”) diode laser. This high-performance, ultra-reliable diode laser is designed for straight-forward OEM integration. It includes TOPTICA’s patent pending COOLDC technology, which guarantees ultimate long-term power stability and thus ensures true drop-shipment capability. These features make the iBeam smart PT the ideal choice for fiber-based applications in biophotonics such as microscopy or cytometry.

The standard wavelengths are 405 nm (60 mW), 445 nm (50 mW), 488 nm (50 mW), 515 nm (20 mW), 640 nm (80 mW), 660 nm (75 mW) and 785 nm (70 mW) – all powers are given after the single-mode polarization maintaining fiber delivery. Other wavelengths are available on request.

The iBeam smart PT features the COOLDC technology – which ensures a Dura Calibrated Constant Optical Output Level. TOPTICA’s novel concept for high power single-mode permanently fiber coupled lasers does not use any micro-mechanical adjustable parts. These are normally the first to shift due to varying ambient conditions, for example temperature changes or vibrations. All major optical components are solidly mounted, thus optical alignment is immune to mechanical and thermal distortions or translations.

The incorporated microprocessor control and optional features such as high speed digital modulation and feedback-induced noise suppression by FINE technology make the iBeam smart PT the perfect solution for flexible OEM integration.