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Continuously Tunable Laser

  • Mode-hop-free tuning up to 110 nm
  • Available at 950, 1050, 1320, 1470, 1500 and 1550 nm
  • Up to 80 mW output power
  • High resolution and wavelength accuracy
  • User friendly touch screen, buttons and remote control

The CTL is the ultimate choice when looking for a laser that is widely tunable without any mode-hopping. It has high power, a narrow linewidth and high absolute and relative wavelength accuracy. Wide scans can be performed with highest resolution. With the fully digital, low noise and drift DLC pro controller, the CTL laser is easy to use and operate via touch-screen and knobs as well as via remote PC GUI and command language.

The new CTL lasers are ideally suited for applications that require large mode-hop free tuning ranges, such as the resonant excitation of small structures like quantum dots and micro-cavities. Also molecular spectroscopy and components testing will benefit from CTLs exceptional properties. 

  • Specifications
    CTL 950CTL 1050CTL 1320CTL 1470CTL 1500CTL 1550
    Wavelength [nm]910 - 9801020 - 10701290 - 13501420 - 15301460 - 15701520 - 1630
    Absolute accuracy< 100 pm< 110 pm< 130 pm< 140 pm< 150 pm< 150 pm
    Relative accuracy< 10 pm< 10 pm< 10 pm< 10 pm< 10 pm< 10 pm
    Typ. linewidth (5 µs)< 10 kHz< 10 kHz< 10 kHz< 10 kHz< 10 kHz< 10 kHz
    Power at gain maximum> 80 mW> 50 mW> 50 mW> 40 mW> 50 mW> 50 mW
    Power at edges> 40 mW> 25 mW> 30 mW> 20 mW> 25 mW> 30 mW
    Max. scan speed10 nm/s10 nm /s10 nm/s10 nm/s10 nm/s10 nm/s
    Motor step size5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm8 pm8 pm
    Micro step size (average)0.3 pm0.4 pm0.5 pm0.5 pm0.5 pm0.5 pm
    Piezo scan55 GHz45 GHz40 GHz35 GHz35 GHz35 GHz
    Piezo step size< 10 kHz< 10 kHz< 5 kHz< 5 kHz< 5 kHz< 5 kHz
    Output beam characteristics TEM00, typ. between 1 mm x 1 mm and 1 mm x 3 mm
    Beam height (50 ± 0.3) mm
    Polarization vertical, typically 100:1
    Fiber coupling efficiency typically > 50% at gain max.
    Dimensions laser head
    (H x W x D)
    (90 mm x 150 mm x 250 mm) or (90 mm x 150 mm x 370 mm)
    Weight laser head 8.1 kg
    Dimensions control unit
    (H x W x D)
    154 mm x 450 mm x 348 mm
    Weight control unit 9 kg
    Power supply 100 .. 120 V / 220 .. 240 V AC, 50 .. 60 Hz (auto detect)
    Power consumption typ. < 50 W
    PC Interface Ethernet, USB
    Environment temperature 15 - 30 °C (operating), 0 - 40 °C (storage and transport)
    Environment humidity Non-condensing
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  • Options
    Optical isolation single stage

    Isolators are used to protect the laser diode from back reflections. This not only prevents damage to the diode but also ensures untroubled single-mode operation and tuning. Fiber coupling with angle polished fibers (both ends) requires at least a single stage isolator.
    Optical isolation double stage

    Double stage isolators are needed if reflections from the experiment into the laser are expected. Fiber coupling with non-angle polished fibers also requires a double stage isolator.

    TOPTICA's patented fiber coupler provides highest single-mode fiber coupling efficiencies, easy alignment and at the same time highest stability. TOPTICA additionally offers a wide range of single-mode and polarization maintaining fibers, including fiber-optic beam splitters. Optical isolation is mandatory for fiber coupled diode laser systems.
    Electronics Modules DLC pro LOCK laser stabilization option. In addition, a large range of control, stabilization and frequency locking modules are available with DLC ext
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