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All Wavelengths. 190 nm – 0.1 THz

TOPTICA's products provide an ultra-broad laser wavelength coverage: 190 nm - 0.1 THz (corresponding to 3 mm).
This unique wavelength range is based on three major product categories:

Diode Lasers

190 - 3500 nm
with frequency-conversion techniques

Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

488 nm - 2300 nm,
(3500 nm customized) 5000 - 15000 nm

Terahertz Systems

0.1 - 6 THz
(15 THz customized)

Additional product lines enable a variety of demanding applications in biophotonics & microscopy, materials inspection & sensing, as well as quantum technology:

More insight about the wide range of applications that are enabled with TOPTICA’s lasers can be found on the poster "Laser Absorption in Physics, Chemistry & Biology". It displays the central absorption wavelengths of single atoms, semiconductors, molecular gases, molecules and fluorophores (1PE and 2PE) in the wavelength range of 190 - 3500 nm.

All indicated elements can be studied with TOPTICA's lasers. In addition, TOPTICA's product range also enables optical studies of much more elements in other wavelength regions, i.e. up to 3 mm.

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