TOPTICA offers a wide range of DFB (Distributed Feedback) laser diodes between 640 nm and 2880 nm.

DFB – Distributed Feedback Diodes

  • Turnkey single-frequency operation (built-in grating)
  • Wavelengths from 640 .. 2880 nm available
  • Frequency tuning via temperature and current
  • Mode-hop-free scans up to 1400 GHz
  • Diodes sold separately and in DL DFB systems

Distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes feature a grating structure within the semiconductor and thus operate in both longitudinal and transverse single mode. Tuning is achieved by modulating either the laser current or the chip temperature. Mode-hop free tuning is maintained over several hundred GHz. Applications include alkaline spectroscopy, laser cooling, gas detection and the generation of tunable cw terahertz radiation.

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A variety of wavelengths is usually available from stock. In addition, TOPTICA can provide DFB diodes at customized wavelengths, even in low quantities – please inquire.

Center wavelengths640 .. 685 nm1, 760 .. 2880 nm
Typical output power2 .. 150 mW
Typical coarse tuning 2 .. 6 nm

Thermal tuning

Typical range

Typical Speed

Typical rate


> 1000 GHz

50 GHz/s

-25 GHz/K (@800 nm), -10 GHz/K (@ 1500 nm)

Electric tuning

Typical range

Typical speed

Typical rate


~ 50 GHz

10 kHz²

1 .. 10 GHz / mA

Typical linewidth (5 µs integration time)500 kHz – 4 MHz
Typical output beam characteristics3 mm x 1 mm
Typical output beam polarizationLinear > 100:1
Thermal stabilizationColdPack, TO-3 or butterfly package

1Spectral coverage with gaps

2With DCC 110. Higher bandwidth feasible with DL-MOD


Schematics of Distributed Feedback (DFB) and Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) diodes as offered by TOPTICA.

Schematics of DFB and DBR laser diodes.


TOPTICA’s patented ColdPack with built-in thermistor and thermo-electric coolers, for thermal control of DFB diodes.

Patented ColdPack for thermal control of DFB diodes.


Emission spectrum of a Distributed Feedback (DFB) diode offered by TOPTICA.

Emission spectrum of a DFB diode at 1545 nm. Incoherent background radiation is suppressed by > 50 dB.


Widest continuous frequency tuning of TOPTICA’s DFB distributed feedback diodes.

Thermal frequency tuning of an 895 nm DFB diode.

Options & Related Products

Options & Related Products


  • TO-9 mm package
  • TO-3 package with built-in TEC and thermistor
  • Butterfly package with built-in optical isolator and fiber pigtail
  • Note: Some packages may only be available for certain wavelengths, please inquire.


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Technical Information

Technical Information



TOPTICAs DFB diodes can be integrated in the DL DFB and dfBeam lasers. Please refer to the according pages for system configurations and options.

Applications of DFB diodes include:



Brochure: Scientific Lasers (PDF, 8.1 MB)
Brochure: Scientific Lasers (PDF, 8.1 MB)
Brochure: Tunable Diode Lasers (PDF, 0.8 MB)
Brochure: Tunable Diode Lasers (PDF, 0.8 MB)
Scientific papers: Rubidium spectroscopy at 778-780 nm with a distributed feedback laser diode
Scientific papers: Rubidium spectroscopy at 778-780 nm with a distributed feedback laser diode